VoiceCon Day 2 – IBM Keynote

David Farrell, Vice President, IBM Software Europe


IBM presented a mixture of slides, demonstration and screen capture:

  • UC is not a cost saving, its a business value and need to exploit business processes
  • IBM aim to unify the experience.  How do you find and expert, reach an expert, collaborate effectively
  • Demonstration of screen sharing from within a chat
  • Demonstration of CISCO Unity for voicemail in Sametime, Quickr plugin, communties plugin
  • (?Re-?)Announced that Sametime unified telephony available Q4
  • IBM will retain relationship with PBX suppliers and not try to replace their solutions [obvious difference in strategy to Microsoft]
  • Then we had a screen captured demo of the telephony client, there were obvious network issues in the conference room and I felt a little sorry for IBM not being able to live demo.
  • Key slides:







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