VoiceCon Day 2 – CISCO Keynote

Speaker – Joe Burton, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Unified Communications, Cisco Joe delivered a session which flowed as follows:

  • Focus on the world is flat, but now crowded, and increasingly the spotlight is on IT to deliver even if it is a non-standard application.
  • 17% of CISCO workforce use Macs, CISCO IT doesn’t support or pay for Macs, consumerisation message.
  • End points for unified communications are increasing.  End points may be anywhere.  2 key drivers are cheap multimedia chipsets with UC capability and virtualisation.
  • CISCO spend 25% of their development budgets on interoperability.
  • Discussed CISCO thinking on tiered solution UC >> Video >> web 2.0 building together to a collaborative platform.



Example 1 : UC improves process for service / repair industry:

  • Customer calls
  • Telephony system integrated with salesforce.com to bring up customer details
  • Call handler takes customers fault information
  • To increase screen estate the cisco phone shows the map with the nearest available engineer


Example 2 : Coca Cola improve warehouse operations:

Old system:

  • Order slips on paper
  • Pickers (fork lift drivers) take paper and collect order
  • Take order to checkers who validate
  • Loaded to lorry
  • Go
  • 78% accurate

UC way:

  • No paper
  • No checkers
  • Fork lift drivers get audio instructions over headset to go to particular place in warehouse
  • Validation codes via audio to confirm correct location
  • Then instructions on what to collect
  • Then load on lorry
  • 99.8% accurate
  • Reduced traffic movements and accidents in warehouse
  • Ability to move fork lift operators who are loading lorries for outward delivery to one area of the warehouse allowing the operators who stock the warehouse to efficiently re-stock


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