The Application Clouds Gather

Interesting review on Google Enterprise blog of Taylor Woodrow’s migration to Google Apps for 1,800 users:

"Taylor Woodrow’s needs are not unique to its particular business. Rob could be talking about the needs of tens of thousands of other companies when he notes that “Our employees can now get in touch with their colleagues easily from whatever location they are working at. The mobility coupled with the speed of roll-out, the lack of requirement for a physical infrastructure and the speed of new product development is very beneficial.”

Finances also came into play in their decision to move to Google Apps. Taylor Woodrow estimates that they are saving approximately £1 million on infrastructure and support costs. The products are all hosted and managed by Google, which removed the need to install any software or hardware on site."

That is the first announcement from Google I’ve read of any scale or significance.  The use case is interesting.  Many mobile workers on site, minimal setup costs for them in terms of on site infrastructure, potential removal of perimeter services from Woodrow’s IT estate for these users.  I hope we could read more about this in the future, it will also be interesting to see whether the parent company uses this as a case to roll out to the rest of the Taylor Wimpey group.

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