Cultural change and the tools to support it

Most organisations are looking to see how they can change the way they work:

Patrick Slesinger, director and CIO of Wallem, is working to transition Wallem from being a top-down, command and control directed business to one where transparency unlocks the value of information in Wallem’s systems and delivers the highest levels of customer value.

Via Scott Niessen at Attensa

This is really interesting for me.  We will all probably see these changes, and in fact probably are seeing these changes today (even if the enterprise doesn’t realise it).  We are all changing from a top-down hierarchy into a network driven model. 

This leads to an interesting question … How do organisations implement Enterprise 2.0 technologies?  My view is that they don’t!  A strange response from me so let me clarify – culture changes and workstyle changes require new tools – and those tools happen to be Enterprise 2.0 technologies.  As I blogged recently about the Generation Game my opinion is that it isn’t the driver today, I think enterprises are seeing the value in changing their cultures and the tools to support them in the enterprise 2.0 space are maturing.  Its an interesting time to be in this field!

You can read more about this particular solution here:

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