In 2020….

David Pollard had an excellent article on his blog recently discussing Knowledge Management in 2020, more importantly the article focuses on the working practices of a number of employees within a fictitious organisation.  I’ll focus on one short extract:

"Omni has no formal ‘website’ — just its collection of blogs and its interactive directory of people with their contact information. Since they started these and abandoned the traditional website, readership of their pages, and follow-up work, have soared.

Their big KM project for this year is Reinventing the Water Cooler, designed to find a way to replicate the opportunity for serendipitous, unscheduled conversation that the old water coolers once enabled."

The reason I focused on that short extract is that I actually see the formal website is already being diluted by blogging today.  If we look at IBM, Microsoft and others we see that to find the latest information about their products and services their blogs rather than the website are the best sources of information.

I see the style we will work is about to be turned on its head as the value of sharing information is increasingly recognised.  I see new working arrangements coming into place, agreements where both the client and the information worker agree what information can be shared and where it can be shared.  I see the default being information is shared publicly – but shared in such a way that attribution isn’t just to the information worker but also to the organisation commissioning this work.

This will be a major change to the way enterprises operate today in terms of "owning" information.  You’ll also notice that I’m not using the work employee and employer.  Maybe I’m wrong but I see more and more people wanting the freedom to work independently, today’s UK university graduates are more likely to take risks (hey what have they to lose they’re already saddled with much more debt than my graduating generation (1994)).  My generation will have more stability as our youngsters will be older, our mortgages a few more years mature and we’ll be more willing to work in less traditional arrangements.  Am I ready to take the leap – not today but ask me again in 2020…

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