A week enjoying reading

Last week I was on holiday. For the first time I decided that I’d take the laptop the ground-rule being that I would avoid email and IM – thus focusing on reading the flow from feeds and twitter.  In the week prior I had subscribed to absolutely every feed where I had been linked to from other articles.  Well it was great and I learned so much:

How to make your own magnetic whiteboard with paint alone … oh and then you can make it interactive if you wish with one of these

How to make vista boot using all available CPU cores rather than the default of 1

That I must actively use Skype V4 – on my home PC due to corporate policies.

That I must watch how these students made an interactive multi-touch surface

This GTD list for excel may help me?

That I need to force myself to use email less and talk more, its easy to fall into the email trap

That maybe I should try these productivity tools – I need a change I’m not 100% with the way I work today.

That I need to watch these screencasts on LiveMesh

That I need to book my place at UKLUG 🙂

But most of all that I need to keep reading.  I need to read more off topic (i.e. away from collaboration).  Now these are things that I have long known I needed to do.  I’m also having had time to reflect wanting to use my time better, working from home more rather than the office to allow more time for exercise in order to increase brain function.

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