Enterprise RSS Day : Why Don’t you use Enterprise RSS?

enterpriserss So I’m doing my best to promote the enterprise RSS day but one thing niggles me.  I haven’t seen people beating my door down to architect enterprise RSS capability over the last 12 months.  Why could that be?  I have a few theories:

People don’t get it?

I do regularly talk to IT folks from both within CSC and our customers and of those folks you find a huge dipole of opinion in terms of understanding what RSS is and its uses.  From folks who say “R S what”, to folks who understand what it is when you talk about subscription, to folks who really understand (even better than I) the value of RSS as a medium to communicate and integrate both content for human consumption and content for application consumption and integration.  The question here (for later in the post) is how do we help people get it?  Most of you reading this “get RSS” as most people read this blog through subscription.  So my questions to challenge and find opinion from you would be:

Is RSS anywhere near the top of the enterprise collaboration agendas?

I don’t feel it is.  This has to come down to a combination of business requirements, return on investment and potentially marketing.  In global terms the enterprise RSS vendors are still small players compared to the titans and even the titans struggle to get their messages heard at times.  Its also not raised high on the agendas as only a niche portion of the user base are utilise RSS today, and for those folks the CIO just sees the RSS reader filling the gap.

Folks are waiting for “enterprise RSS” to move into the realm of the email service?

I do think there is a case for combining the delivery capabilities within email services and consumption services within email client technology to properly address the RSS need for information workers.  I feel none of the titans have done their client RSS implementations any justice to date.  I don’t feel this is what is holding up adoption though, I do feel the key to this is raising the profile and highlighting the quantifiable benefits and better expressing the value of the solutions.

How can IT help folks “get it”?

I feel the only way to succeed here will be small scale pilots within distinct business units with a heavy communication bias.  Sales teams, marketing teams, not us boring old IT folks.  I hope the enterprise RSS day can switch a few more people on to the potential that enterprise RSS has to offer.

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