LCTY Manchester – Roadmap and Architectures

My notes from Lotusphere comes to you.  Rough and ready in places (my notes that is!). 

Not much new to me on the sametime space, blogs are very thorough and have contained this info for a while.

7.5.1 in next few weeks

  • p2p video
  • tabbed chat
  • ms office and outlook integration
  • linux server
  • mac im client and web conference
  • SSO support
  • more granular policies
  • n-way chat histories
  • contact telephony icons (on phone, off phone etc via pbx hook)
  • policy managed plugin control and deployment
    Roadmap includes next and next+1

To come in 7.5.1 Office smartTag support for sametime.  Other word integration from menu.

Outlook client integration – didn’t appear to be within the message, just in a plugin menu bar

Sametime Next – calendar presence integration, improved recording and playback of meetings.  FIPs-140 support.

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