LCTY – Manchester – Introduction and Keynote

LCTY (Lotusphere comes to you) notes from Raddison Hotel Manchester.  Don’t bother reading unless you’d really find them useful, its really a record I’ll be able to refer back to easily!

Introduction:  Ross Reith.  “Its about you”.   Best year on record.  Reflected on achievements with Sametime 7.5 and Notes 7.0.2 (with SAP “Harmony”).  Last year growth over 30%.  Notes grew.  Sametime 1M seats.  Video from Lotusphere (bit pointless).  Mentioned second life and Lotusphere event.  IBM see this as another route to market and one method to extend the reach of events (like Lotusphere).  I would note that during the keynote in January I couldn’t get into SecondLife because the system was too busy.  Message on partners developing solutions around the open API’s that are shipped with each product.  Sales pitch over 🙂 …or not!?!?

Keynote : Jeff Schick (VP responsible for Connections).  Talked on competitive pressures and the dynamic workplace.  How change affects workforce and we see a “dizzying pace of change”. 


“the agile business is connected, responsive and embraces change”.  Case study from CISCO.  They dynamically published information and allow people to focus on information from specific themes, people etc. using tagging and other metadata.  Allowed engineers and development teams to rapidly supply information and more importantly allow many people to learn from the few key thinkers and thought leaders.

“effective organisations allow for great flexibility in the way people work” (note to speakers please use “s” not “z” for an English audience).  Deutsche Bank have solution to work with companies requesting funding to then find experts in the bank in the field requiring investment.  It got round the issue of emails missing key people.  Using the communities of interest model to communicate resolved this issue for them.

“innovation is key to competitive advantage”.  “The intersection of invention with insight” from Mike Rhodin.  Proctor and Gamble.  Using collaboration technologies they have expanded the potential scope of new innovation.

“the responsive enterprise leverages new technologies to get access to new opportunities”.  Sprint telecom.  Spanning the experience of their connected fabric of customers and built a portal to work with clients and partners and customers and faced their development organisations with those people.  Is this any good?  Is this the right service for you?  Portal allowed more rapid response on their ideas to focus development and reduce time to market.

Mentioned the CEO survey <insert link>.  Resulted in the ideas that:

  • enable collaboration in context
  • include emerging community tools
  • provide anytime, anywhere access
  • tame the inbox
  • unify communications
  • share information faster
  • bring app’s and information together
  • assemble and deploy new applications
  • incorporate social software

Notes 8 : “integrated high performance work environment”.  more than email.  Composite application framework.  Office productivity tools (will this take off? vs. Office 2007).  “Support Microsoft formats”  [my thoughts .. does that include Office 2007 formats?]

Sametime 7.5.1 : point to point video, tabbed chat [great in the Notes 8 client I’m using]. 

UC2 = unified communications & collaboration:  moving to a seamless platform for collaboration. 

Demo from Darren Adams [nice to see Darren and chat with him again].  Will integrate with Office.  7.5.1 expected Q2.  More than just IM.  More than conferencing.  A platform for delivering collaboration.  VoIP.  Telephony integration.  Simple Video integration out of box (better with partner plugins).  Showed plugins including Local Services to allow better roaming between offices for services such as printers.  Talked about location awareness.  Showed one mashup example to show a buddy map on Google maps.  Showed tabbed IM chat windows.  Showed point to point VOIP. 

Showed web conference.  Silent reconnection (a good thing!).  Integration with audio conference providers.  Welcome page.  Slides page (to render documents through Sametime.  Screen sharing (better UI from previous versions).  In full screen mode moderator sees raised hands or chats etc without other participants seeing them.

Back to Jeff Schick.  Focus on Portals.

  • Scorecards
  • Dashboards
  • Mashups
  • Performance manager dashboards

Presently portal 6.0 which aimed to re-develop the user experience.  Increased number of portlets and applications in the application library.

Intelligent forms (via pure edge acquisition).  Now key element – Workplace Forms.  US Army & Navy & Air Force use this forms technology for 1,000,000 plus forms. 

Indian government portal for citizens using Webster Portal.

Quickr.  Standard edition – very much like WSS in features.

Connectors >> Content Repositories >> another element i didn’t note down

Connections :

  • Profiles
  • Communities
  • Blogs
  • Bookmarks
  • Activities

nice slide on social software business benefits in tag cloud style.   Multiple LDAP plugins including AD, idea is a single profile to span entire organisation (even in multi-directory environments).  Colleague suggested this was a “myspace for business” which is a good summary.  Fundamental aim is to give clarity about what an individual does via tagging.  Also aggregates communities of interest.  Focus people who wish to find skills on searching communities rather than mailing people and often missing.  Integrated presence.

IBM as a case:

  • 475000 profiles
  • 700 communities
  • 27000 blogs

Back to Darren.  Activities demo:

Integrated activities between various form factors.  In notes client nice fly out information on hover and click to open full content.  Drag and drop items into Activities from notes documents (demo’d attachment drag from email).  Buttons in browser to add url’s to activities.

Back to Jeff

Nice slide on integrated collaborative portal capabilities [can we get this slide].  RIM has built a connections client for BlackBerry.  Re-enforced message on open standards and “open middleware”.  SOA to deliver applications, examples of composite applications for business using a single composite application programming model all built on Lotus Expeditor (a build once run everywhere philosophy).  Applicable for eclipse development, notes development, j2ee development.

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