LCTY – Manchester – Portal Solutions

LCTY = Lotusphere comes to you.

John Wylie demonstrated Potal 6.0 Express in a coffee supplier business supplier with a people search and integrated chat example.  Also publicised a new offer using web content management (without html experience).

Rob Hedges.  Portal express:

  • Integrated Portal (ready to use intranet and extranet configurations)
  • Document Managment with basic workflow
  • Web Content Managment with basic approval
  • Collaboration (Sametime awareness and IM)
  • Ready to use
  • Built for SMB
  • Ability to create portlets

Portal express does not include Team Workspaces [a limitation in my opinion].

Then demonstrated the out of the box portal 6 express intranet and internet site.

Showed customisation and personalisation rules to govern portlet viewers.

Another key message was that you pinch builders to develop portlets to reduce dependency on Java skillset (and there are many publicly available builders).

Showed Document Manager.  Showed preview of documents rendered in HTML as well as being able to download the doc.  Explorer integration.  Word integration (Word 2000 was demoed.  Wonder if it is supported in more recent office versions?).

My Observations:

  • Nice UI
  • Didn’t see much RSS in Portal Express
  • Shame express does not include a Team Workspace
  • Nice to see document libraries integrated with explorer [wonder if that works with forms based authentication?]
  • Nice to see MS Word integration.
    The level of integration with the ms office and windows explorer shell was a reall surprise to me.  This, and SharePoint, is an area I’ve recently started concerntrating my efforts and its nice to see this level of integration from Websphere.
    I have some notes on Quickr but that will have to wait as my battery died and they’re on paper.

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