Sametime 7.5 Launch – Manchester

Yesterday was the Sametime 7.5 launch in Manchester.  Attendance was good and the venue and organisation were excellent.  Thanks to Stephen Harris and his team from Polymorph for hosting the event.  The venue was the 9th floor of the SAS Raddison hotel at Manchester Airport overlooking the apron for Terminals 1 & 2 and the runway.  Although the view was interesting (I would have shared had I not turned up with empty camera batteries!) the content was much better.  Steve gave an introduction and overview of Polymorph and was followed by Darren Adams and Keiren Byrne from IBM.

Despite being very well read on Sametime 7.5 it was an interesting day with some nice plug-ins demonstrated and some even more interesting dates:

  • Real Time Collaboration Server : released Q4.  Still working with some public IM vendors to overcome federation agreements.
  • Office integration released Q1/Q2 2007.
  • Social software bolt-ons (Skill Tap, Forums, Polls) due early/mid 2007. 
  • Plug-in Catalog very close (1-2 months).
  • As soon as the plug in catalog is released we can expect the Instant Share plug-in to be available.  This is one of the best plug-ins for me (don’t understand why it isn’t bundled with the client) as the plugin offers 1-to-1 screen sharing via the connect client.  Great for instant small scale collaborations.

Excellent event, thanks to all concerned.  The venue is great for me, no driving round Manchester, train to the airport then walkway to the hotel.


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