Sametime 7.5 – default chat window

Well most of us playing with Sametime 7.5 connect will experience issues where other sametime clients (Notes or Meeting clients) open any new chats sent to you by default if you are running a Sametime 3 or Sametime 6.x server infrastructure.  I raised the issue in the LDD Forum some time ago and also found this comment in the Taking Notes podcast blog.  There Adam Gartenberg explained:

“The design goal is that if you’re running a Sametime 7.5 server and the Sametime 7.5 client, all incoming IMs would default to the 7.5 client, even if you’re also signed into Notes IM. If you’re running a Sametime 7.0 or previous server it would likely default to the Notes IM client. Regardless of which server you’re running, initiating a chat from Notes 7.0 would use the embedded Notes IM client. In Hannover, however, everything will change, and we will have a truly integrated IM experience so it won’t matter whether you’re signed in to both clients or where you initiate a chat.”

Darren Adams talked breifly about this issue yesterday.  His understanding of the problem is that each sametime client has an index number.  Older Sametime clients have an index number which is prioritised by the Sametime 3.x and Sametime 6.x servers.  So we’ll have to wait till Sametime 7.5 servers are rolled out into our domains before this issue will be resolved…mental note to push this issue where I work 🙂



  1. I’ve got an update from the previous comment you quoted – we are planning to issue a fix pack in the near future, and one of the updates will give the Sametime 7.5 client priority for incoming IMs regardless of which version of the Sametime server you are running.


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