Workplace is Dead, Long Live Workplace

Well I’m happy to report (via Chris Miller) that IBM are dropping the Workplace name for their products and focussing on Workplace as a strategy.  Here is what Chris blogged:

“Ken Bisconti, Vice President Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Products had his opening session.  Now he made a comment we debated posting at first, but since it was said in front of people from 12 countries in a general forum, here is the snapshot that I am paraphrasing (yes that means not direct word for word but the whole thing in a very clear nutshell):

You will see the name Workplace being pulled from products and being shown as a strategy and direction.

Yes, the Workplace being removed from products, but very much the focus and strategy.”

For me this is excellent news.  The announcement will avoid the confusion and issues you face when trying to make people understand what Workplace is.  It becomes something of a challenge to describe a strategy then follow on with solutions in that strategy that have the same name.  Well done IBM.

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