How I Work – If This Then That – making tasks smaller


If This Then That or IFTTT ( http://ifttt.comm ) is one of the key tools I use to save me time in shifting data around my personal knowledge systems. IFTTT allows me to concentrate on how I want to promote, share and move data rather than the physical doing of moving. This one can be basically moved into the productivity category that is focused on marginal gains. It probably saves me 10-20 minutes per week if I were to assess the tasks performed – but those are low level tasks which would infuriate the hell out of me. Here are the key processes, called recipes in IFTTT terminology, that I use:




End Result

Favourite an item in Instapaper



Copy stored in Evernote

Share on @stuisreading*

I move an item in Instapaper to Twitter Folder


Share on @sdownes1972
Share on LinkedIn

I highlight text in Instapaper


Move to Evernote
Share on @sdownes1972

I tag an Instagram photo with #pic


Share on @sdownes1972 in a native twitter image


*all Instapaper favourite items go to pinboard, all pinboard items are automatically tweeted on @stuisreading


Most items going to Instapaper, where I do my reading, come from either Chrome, Reeder for iOS or Zite for iOS. It’s a very simple swipe or click process to get content into Instapaper.


The picture is from the recent street theatre in Liverpool bringing a story about the Liverpool Pals going to war in World War 1. The story was brought to life using amazing giants.

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