Conference Notes 2



The hardware was just the half of it in terms of conference experience and I am a big fan of note taking during sessions.  I need to write to ensure I capture key points and re-enforce the speakers comments not captured on slides (particularly important with Industry Analysts!).  So also during the last big conference I split time between OneNote and Evernote to do battle there.


There was an absolute clear winner for note taking and that was OneNote.  Put simply it allows much easier note taking, auto indent with tab, use * key to auto-start bullets, auto numbering etc..  Its also much better to insert photos in-line.  I actually ended up using the iPad for photo taking alongside the Carbon for note taking using skydrive to live sync.


However I then transferred all my notes into Evernote because that is a much better personal knowledge repository and also copes much better with capturing web content, PDFs etc. and the indexing them.  Its also much easier to share content with people who don’t have a Microsoft account.


At some point I’ll refresh my post on personal knowledge management.

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