Conference Notes 1

I’ve been testing different devices for use at conferences and thought you’d enjoy the outcome…well if you are a geek that is.  The top 3 were, in reverse order:


3.  The Lenovo Tablet 2 :


image image


I just don’t get on with this device and found out of preference this was being left in the hotel room.  Battery life wasn’t long enough for a day and without the charging dock it was impossible to keep charged. 




The device itself doesn’t intelligently interact with the case (i.e. in case then sleep doesn’t work).


2.  The iPad Mini with Logitech Keyboard. 




Battery was great it was the smallest and lightest and when using it I didn’t need to carry a bag.  However the downside is I take notes using the keyboard and the device is just too small to rest on your lap.  It became unusable.  #fail


1.  The Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch




Battery life good enough if you restrict screen brightness.  The base is large enough to comfortably sit on your knee, excellent keyboard and was just the best device for note taking.  It was also very lightweight and you don’t even know its in your conference bag.  The other great thing is its also a perfect device for those evening assignments that are still required when you are travelling – perfect for running 2 word documents side by side while authoring or reviewing etc..  Hands down the best device I’ve ever used.


Going into the exercise I thought the Tablet 2 would win as I’d already had concerns for the keyboard size on the iPad Mini.  To my surprise though it was the X1 that was first choice by a mile.


My only regret is I didn’t also take the Helix to test that but I know my day to day working preference is the Carbon.

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