PowerPoint is more important than Word for me

Increasingly I find myself spending more and more time in PowerPoint.  To articulate ideas and gather input the first thing I turn to is PowerPoint.  PowerPoint is as important to me to articulate ideas in the workplace than any other office tool.  I’m a firm believer in the beyond bullet points ethos and work hard to make my slides visually compelling and my presentations flow and tell the story [although I must add that I never followed the beyond bullet points methodology to the letter as its too constraining for me].

What I found recently was a wonderful site called Speaking PowerPoint where Bruce Gabrielle tries to overcome the problem of poor slides and presentations, and shares some great tips and tricks to make presentations more visually compelling.  I’ve picked up enough tips to want to buy his book.  Here’s one, enjoy and hat tip to Bruce:


  1. Hi Stu – Thanks for the kind comments about my site and my book. I’m glad you found the tips helpful and hope you’ll visit often!

    Bruce Gabrielle
    author, Speaking PowerPoint


    1. Thanks Bruce. Wondering whether you had a date, if at all for a kindle version? UK delivery times on the book are 2-5 weeks, happy to do that but if an ebook is near then I’ll wait for that.


  2. 2-5 weeks? Yikes! Email me your mailing address Stu and I’ll mail you a signed copy.

    I really should do a Kindle edition. I’ve been looking into it. No timeline, but really I should get on it.


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