Later Folks


Are we getting to the point that we can’t read anything now?  I have this problem at work and at home.  Like most knowledge workers the workplace can be a cacophony of distractions.  Reading means locking myself away somewhere quiet.  Home is a cacophony of distractions too.

To support us all in the quest to make reading articles from online sources easier, I’ve turned, about 12 months ago, to scanning then batching items together using  Instapaper.  So everything goes there from web pages I’ve landed on from searches to articles I want to read from my RSS feeds.  Instapaper is superb, especially the iPad app which makes the reading experience great (but it works on paper too and lets you group things together to print – great for when electronic items are still banned on the plane).

But I see it “do it later” more and more.  It seems its like the free credit we get on sofas “buy now pay in 400 years time” – even YouTube now has a watch later feature.  We seem to be drifting that way with consuming information.  I doubt I’m alone in saying I wish I had more time to consume information and add value to it, after all that’s what I’m paid to do – yet the hardest thing to find time to do is consume information and then even harder (if you can get harder than hardest) is make the thinking time to add value to it.  I think tomorrow might see a scythe being taken to some repeating meeting (be warned folks!) Smile

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