Meeting Note Taking : Which tools do I use … which tools should I Use?

Am I alone in this dilemma of experimentation?  Lets take a common work pattern for a tablet user.  How should I best use the device to take notes in meetings or conference sessions?



InkSeine I don’t find to be a great meeting tool note taker.  Its a great research tool as I mentioned in my last blog post.  The reason I don’t like InkSeine for meeting notes (and others may disagree) is that it is a notebook, its got no scroll and hence once you’ve filled the screen you can’t expand the page to add more content, you have to move to the next page. 

OneNote? or Journal?


When I had no other tools on my tablet OneNote was my only tool.  I’ve blogged in the past about how I used it effectively.  However I have been using mindmanager for about 3 months now … and it seems to be replacing onenote as the primary tool.



MindManager allows me to structure notes and do all the additions of content with gestures, including the really valuable ability to sketch:


(so before anyone asks this was one of my ambulance training courses about pulse oxymetry).  Trouble is times onenote is best, and times MindManager is best and that leads to fragmented meeting notes on my tablet.  Anyone any tips to overcome this fragmentation? 

I think pen gestures in Mindmanager are one of the best features.  My tip to all is to spend some time to learn all the gestures you’ll use.  You won’t use all the gestures but you WILL need some of them:


I don’t think there is a correct answer to which is the right tool to use, I’d love to hear how other people overcome these challenges?  Graham has been doing a series of posts on his tools, I find these immensely valuable, links to others content appreciated.


  1. Hi Andrew, I do try to stick to the one product. I just find MindManager doesn’t give me enough sketching space to make diagram style notes. I’m sure this will become more of a challenge as cloud based meeting note services appear in the mainstream.


  2. The thing MindManager seems to be missing is robust organization of various mind maps. I may have overlooked some component of MindManager, but the notebook-section-page paradigm of OneNote with integrated search allows me to easily find those to do items or important items or answer the question, “Now when did we talk with those guys last and what were the highlights?” I also have an archive notebook and regularly drag entire sections of notes from my current notebook to my archive notebook, keeping only the last few months of notes in the active notebook.

    I do use MindManager for brainstorming and conceptualizing and I’m looking forward to experimenting with its ink capabilities once my new tablet PC arrives, but I don’t know that I’ll be migrating off of OneNote for my daily note taking any time soon.


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