Enterprise RSS Day

James is organising an enterprise RSS day of action (April 24th).  To learn more visit the event wiki.

Steve picked out the best description of the day:

“The purpose of the Enterprise RSS Day of Action on the Thursday 24th April is to help raise awareness for the potential for Enterprise RSS. This wiki will provide Enterprise RSS champions with materials and information they can use to run their own awareness campaigns inside their own organisations.”

Any of the readers who are half decent (i.e. better than me) with GIMP or photoshop can probably improve on this logo attempt from me:

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  1. ‘Enterprise RSS Day’ – what a great idea. It’s timely for me – we are just beginning (stress beginning!) to generate interest in this in our firm. We’re part-way there, just waiting on desktop software to be downloaded to the trail group – maybe this will happen on Enterprise RSS Day! And Steve, I think the logo is great.


  2. @1 James, thanks … I’ll try and talk a graphic designer friend to do something better but I know they are really busy.

    @2 Judy, good luck with building momentum and running your trial. If you can share what you are doing, and what you acheive that would be excellent but I know many organisations are not keen to divulge information on new tools.


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