Networking woes resolved

I had been having some serious issues with my wireless networking at home.  Despite all my best efforts I couldn’t resolve the download and upload speed issues.  I was seeing modem speeds!  This was after I had moved my wireless router downstairs away from the bedrooms … kids etc. I didn’t want all those wifi signals quite as strong up here.  Well Mrs D was really impressed by this degradation in performance, so much so that budget approval was given to purchase some Netgear XE104’s and then re-instate my old netgear router minus wireless signal.  Result … tremendous.  Don’t know why I didn’t do it ages ago!  Who needs wireless!!!!  Presently running 2 XE104’s and soon will move up to 3.  Have no complaints.  Still need to add a personal network name and password so any other XE104’s within range won’t join the network.  All traffic is encrypted out of the box.  Really impressed.  Download speeds back up to the pathetic 1.6MB we can get in my village!


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