1. I liked Michael’s model, it really makes sense. Because the Microsoft suite relies heavily on its shortcomings being corrected by third party vendors, I’d like to get an assessment of what third party products could be used to get a pass in each category. That way organisations could cost the complete solution and understand what they might be up for to get a true collaboration solution.


  2. @1. Michael, the obvious would be QuickR (Standalone) and Websphere Portal with QuickR. In terms of a third it would be interesting to look at one of the emerging open source alternatives such as Alfresco (although I realise that is more document focussed). The other question is whether applying the 7 pillars to any individual software package is useful in the pass / fail sense or whether a scored chart will allow better comparisons between products.

    @2 Ross, that would be interesting in terms of saying the base product scores X in this category, and here are some scores with 3rd party products. Sadly I feel Michael would never see the light of day again 🙂


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