Microblogging using twitter has become part of my daily life quicker and more effectively than Instant Messaging did.  The key benefits to me are:

  • The social nature of following tweets
  • Its much quicker than blogging and I can do it from all my devices without issue
  • The clients are good, I recently moved 100% to twhirl
  • No comment spam to manage
  • I can integrate my tweets with my facebook status
  • You can understand the following much better than you can with IM status messages:
    • Location
    • Mood
    • Historic events
    • Future events, we never lay out our day in IM status messages
    • What we are doing, rather than available, busy, do not disturb
    • Its much friendlier
    • It works when I’m offline (people can see what I’m doing and hence why I’m offline).

I’m waiting to see which of the vendors incorporates microblogging into their IM environments, either via plugins for client technology or full blown enterprise ready versions of microblogs.  The balance for the enterprise solution from one of the vendors will be enabling some form of connection to twitter as half the value of twitter is the ability to link to people outside the corporate environment.  Enough of my twittering, work to do!

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