Interesting Month …

In the collaborative world January is usually an interesting month.  Lotusphere is guaranteed to produce interesting announcements.  Microsoft normally make an announcement around this time of year also so it’ll be interesting to see what that is (hope it isn’t simply a migration tool).  We will have to wait and see.  Yet again I’ve failed to get to Lotusphere, this time I have a collaborative excuse.  We’ve been working hard on packaging a suite of collaborative solutions and that work is just coming to fruition and hence can’t take the time out at such a critical time.  However, I wish everyone attending a safe and enjoyable Lotusphere, I’ll be tracking your blogs and watching the opening general sessions (and hopefully more content will be released).

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  1. I too would love to have been able to get there.

    Luckily I have been so busy lately that not had time to follow the blogs and let the pre-conference hype get me down!

    Will have to make an effort to follow things though!


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