First Conference Fully Loaded

Well having attended Gartner’s Portal, Collaboration and Content summit I am now absolutely sold on the tablet concept to the point that I don’t think I’ll ever want to work without one.  The combination of Tablet and OneNote proved a powereful tool for my mind mapping….note taking….and audio recording…. 

This “nerdy” techie thing unleashed itself into an excellent tool which will mean that benefit won’t remain in my notebook as it did in previous conferences.  My colleagues will gain benefit from recorded sessions, if I have the time I’ll combine them with the slides when I review the audio again … the challenge will be finding the time after a few days “offline” to both recover to a point of being in control AND reviewing my conference notes.

X60 Batteries

I have 2 batteries for the X60 and these were just about enough with some “splash and dash” charging during lunches and breaks.

OneNote and Lotus Notes

The one think I missed was the ability to synchronise to do items added to OneNote into Lotus Notes.  I hope someone develops a tool to do this or if someone knows of one please let me know!

The BlackBerry

The other device which was invaluable was the BlackBerry.  I refuse to pay £17.00 for 24 hours Internet access.  Arriving before the event mean’t I couldn’t take advantage of the conference wifi first night and I did need to get a document out.  So USB connection, file transfer, attach and send with BlackBerry.  Just another very simple example of the benefits of mobile communications.

As for the conference it was well worth while for me as my role now includes responsibility for the technical product management and engineering of our collaborative solutions … which reminds me I must update my blog profile, linkedin, facebook, ….. (there must be an easier way! … which reminds me again I must check our plaxo).

I’ll blog some more about the conference or wiki it internally.

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