Thunder for Electronic Whiteboarding – an introduction

Thunder is one product in the collaborative solutions portfolio that we are packaging internally. The tool is an electronic whiteboard solution which allows users within and beyond a room to interact with an easel.

We are using this tool internally to fully experience its benefits. I have used the solution remotely but haven’t yet managed to use the physical room (being seperated by the Atlantic at the moment). Once we get our room in country I’ll be going to use the physical room.

Teams have really benefited from the electronic transformation of the whiteboard and the key areas where benefit have been found are:

* Brainstorming in the room
* Ability to place screenshots and diagrams into the flipchart for comment
* Remote user access, some weaknesses if your only input tool is a mouse but much more poweful with a digital pen or tablet PC.
* Ability to save content to PDF

For a full remote user brainstorming session then an electronic meeting room will still win (Interwise, Sametime, Live Meeting, Webex etc.) but when you have an in room requirement, a room which will be utilised to justify the cost, or scenarios which require in room / remote / linked room brainstorming then Thunder is a very powerful tool for business.

Polyvision have some good (if large 43MB) video material showing the room in action as well as other collaterall on their website.

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