UK Internet Survey – usage up – blogging down

The Oxford Internet Institute publish a number of interesting reports.  One is an survey of UK internet usage survey of UK internet usage which I hadn’t heard of till yesterday.  Its got some really interesting statistics:

66% in UK access internet from home

Users beleive they have a role regulating the internet.  Non-users think it should be a government role

Internet is the first point of call to learn something new not a library

We are spending less and less time watching TV and more and more time on the internet

Less than 20% maintain a social networking profile

Interesting charts show 39% of lowest banded earners use internet compared to 91% of highest earning band

Of the 2007 internet users:

93% have an email address up from 92% in 2005

60% use instant messaging up from 53% in 2005

29% use chat rooms up from 26% in 2005

20% use internet telephony up from 13% in 2005

12% write a blog down from 17% in 2005

The latter flies in the face of stats from search engines such as technorati.  Unless engines like technorati are still counting redundant blogs (likely) and this survey reflects usage.  The survey result is in line with what I see in my organisation which is more of a bias to social networks (facebook etc … which I’m now on for those building a network as stu AT


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