The wisdom of crowds … London did you listen?

Well everyone in the UK this week couldn’t have missed the wonderful London 2012 Olympic logo.


There has been quite a lot of debate stimulated, I don’t like it, and I’m not in the minority!  Mihir Bose blog has good coverage.

What I find amazing is why didn’t we have a competition?  Why not use collaboration technology and get the population involved?

Is it difficult?  Well NO!  After the logo was revealed promoted a site where anyone could submit and rate a logo, and also vote or comment on the official logo.  So far they have had:

  • over 26,000 votes about the official logo
  • almost 6,000 comments
  • and 180 individuals logos

Social tools in action!!  The best thing is many of the logos developed by individuals are superb.  Check it out here.  Considering the formal logo, branding and some other marketing material and messaging cost £400,000 I think the community efforts on the logo are much better!

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