Collaboration products drive users to new equipment

Tongue in cheek post given this screenshot:


And yes I expect Notes 8 to take less memory when it moves from beta, and I expect Outlook would use more memory if I were using it as my full email client.  My point is that the new products to aid our information workers with collaboration are becoming increasingly resource intensive.  Why Live Writer requires more than 70 MB really astounds me.  Things you see while consuming a sandwich 🙂

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  1. Hi,

    I just did a check, at idle the RAM utilisation is 50%, then I launch Notes, IE, Office etc.

    It must be down the mass of user or system launched services or applications that “listen” or “wait” for a cue to carry out an activity. Notes 8 could say it’s got sametime wrapped up into, though I think it still very heavy. With all these “I’m waiting for something to happen… ” applications I’m not surprised hardware resources are at a premium!


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