Podcasting, and audio recorded meetings – what is my take?

I am a podcast fan, at the same time I’m a podcast irregular. What I mean is I don’t have a regular time that I can listen to podcasts or view video casts. I assume like most things my podcast listening habits won’t be unusual. So you’ll normally find me listening to a podcast while doing household chores, my brain doesn’t seem to allow me to effectively concentrate on one item while listening and taking note of another – unless it is a mundane task like ironing. Selecting a suitable podcast for my limited listening time can be tricky, without a detailed description you often end up listening to irrelavent content. So here are my desires with podcasts:

1. Keep them short.
2. Keep to your agenda.
3. Publish text notes on the content and speakers.
4. Focus on topics rather than trying to cover a wide subject area.

One thing the audio recording and podcasts do excellently is allow time shifting of meetings and presentations. With some simple kit (or even some complex kit like that in the photo courtesy of mr brown) you can record a meeting for future playback. I find these extremely useful although I do find that if I haven’t time to attend the meeting in the first place I’m unlikely to be able to have time for the playback. However, even given that comment I find recorded meetings extremely useful as it still allows me to deal with meeting clashes and find the time for important meetings. Meeting recording also allows me to broaden the audience from those initially invited. For meeting recordings here are my preferences:

1. If possible use a system which links what is displayed on the screen with the audio.
2. If software is not available to sync screen and audio then ensure you describe the screen and talk to the slide transitions.
3. I’d rather download a large high quality file that a small poor quality file.

What tickled my interest to write this post was this article in business week which discusses podcast listening habits.

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