I was interested to learn earlier this week about SuiteTwo.  Venture capital from Intel has enabled the following products to be integrated:

  •  Six Apart (blogs)
  •  Socialtext (wikis)
  •  Newsgator (rss reading interface)
  •  Simplefeed (rss publishing)
  •  Spikesource (to glue it all together)

Its really interesting to see Intel make this move and plan to resell through themselves, Dell and NEC.

From my limited reading it doesn’t appear to have out of the box interfaces with enterprise email or IM systems.  It will be interesting to see how this product fares in enterprises compared to the traditional offerings, especially those from Microsoft and IBM (both of whom are implementing more and more Web 2.0 features in their products).  Will the niche players with Intel’s backing win a share of the big boys market?  Time will tell.

The one thing that really pleases me about this suite is the recognition that enterprises need more than isolated products and for most enterprises integration wins.

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