Improving Virtual Meetings

Most information workers are spending more and more time in virtual meetings. For many the virtual nature leads to attention deficit and long meetings soon become fragmented by breaks and break out meetings become much harder.

OpenCroquet SecondLife

I’m thinking (out loud here!) about whether systems such as OpenCroquet or the more popular SecondLife could be used effectively to host virtual meetings. The representation of yourself as a 3D character with emotions, movement and an element of body language would be interesting. More powerful would be the ability to have break out meetings and physically move into another room with individual participants as needed. The idea of utilising breaks in virtual meetings like you would in a physical meeting also interests me. Sure participants will need time to go away and get a coffee but organisers can allow time for the virtual meeting break to include the time we need to chat one to one. The very natural “hey I like that point you made could you expand more” – the kind of conversations and directions that are lost in the present virtual meetings. I see technologies such as these as being key to collaborative virtual meetings in the future.

I’d be curious to hear the opinions of others in this area…comments please!


  1. This is an interesting article on the subject…

    Perhaps these will become part and parcel of the CBE (Collaborative Business Environment) …

    In the short term a more expressive avatar character could also more become more prevailent..



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