Plugins for Sametime 7.5

Well they’ve started to flow in from vendors. I hope the community will also develop plugins in a similar way that application templates have been developed at The extensibility of this new client will be a major bonus to users and enterprises alike. I also hope IBM will post more plugins for download, and improve the mechanism for download i.e. here is a great google maps plugin from IBM but it isn’t a simple download and run the exe its an admin/developer job to install. Now I know this plugin was on developer works but it would have been great to have a user installable file so everyone can share the plugins. I realise people will say to me hey you just need a sametime 7.5 server and you can provision plugins but for the true benefit we need publicly available simple to install plugins – I’m sure this will come over the next few months.


  1. Hey Stu,

    Have you found any sites that has the plugins, ready to go, for download? I am not a programmer, and am having a very hard time creating these plugins with the tutorials that IBM has published.



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