Quickplace 8.0 intersects with Web 2.0

The taking notes podcast recently talked to Rob Novak (president of SNAPPS) and Satwik Seshasai (team lead for Quickplace development at IBM). They announced Quickplace 8.0 is due in Q1 2007 and will, according to Satwik “bring excitement” into the product. The focus of their development has been in 3 key areas users, admins, developers. However 50% of their time has been spent on integration. What we are likely to see is (in no particular order):

  • A new user interface
  • Improved themes
  • A richer experience (right click, drag and drop etc)
  • Better Microsoft Office and Open Document Format integration
  • Better integration with the Lotus Notes inbox
  • Integration with IBM’s productivity tools (ODF editors)

And the more exciting elements as far as I am concerned:

  • Use of AJAX for a better user experience
  • RSS
  • ATOM
  • Web services within places
  • Integration with activities

We’ll hear more after the collaboration university events in September and then I suspect everything will be timed to coincide with Lotusphere 2007 in January. This is excellent news and shows another mainstream product is adopting Web2.0 technologies at its core.


  1. Wow that was a fast pickup, Stu! Thanks for listening. I want to clarify just one bit, that the ship date for QuickPlace 8 is not committed to Q1, but planned for first half – it’ll work on the next version of Domino, integrate with Notes Hannover, etc. So it’ll depend on those ship dates.

    I’m probably the most excited guy on the planet when it comes to this news…and finally letting it loose!


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