How secure are we?

Physical security, electronic security, identity security we try to lock ourselves down while web2.0 is trying to break our traditional views on these areas … this is one thing bothers me about web2.0.  For example, many vendors are writing applications which allow companies to store all their sales leads, bids etc. in a single handy web2.0 application.  Great I’m a small business and all of a sudden I’ve got an enterprise quality solution to use, I research about the vendor and all appears good, I even check their credentials with some references.  But how do I really know they can be trusted with my data.  An organised criminal organisation could quite easily gather all this valuable information from me and I’ll pay them to do it!  So the question is how do we build brand trust and identity in the new web2.0 world.  The newcomers to the market are quite likely to be the people offering exciting products which grab customers and spread virally.  How can we as individual consumers or coporate consumers understand what is a legitimate business organisation and what could be a risk to me, my money or my identity?

As web2.0 moves into more areas where data was historically proprietary and locked in the enterprise how do we protect ourselves and our organisations from this risk?  I think this is where a fully traceable “food chain” would be useful for customers to build trust in an organisation.  Perhaps the financial and insurance institutions would be interested here?  Could they offer an insured service which would safeguard customers against loss and offer web2.0 providors with a mark which potrays trust.  Surely there could be a widget which goes back and verifies live whether the insurance is in place and generates a trust mark on the site you are working on.  Trouble is going to be the bigger the risk the higher the insurance cost so less organisations will purchase it and those that do will pass the cost to consumers which will cause adoption issues.  Well I’m no expert in the field but I can sense a problem moving forward as we move into a world where information is more valuable in some cases than a physical product.

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