Vendors disconnect?

The collaborative technologies conference was an interesting place to sit and listen to purveyors of software and purveyors of services.  The vendors stalls are selling technologies and solutions which will require all the traditional implementation (data room, hardware, OS, software, configuration, etc).  At the same time the web2.0 players are showing usable services.  While the enterprise may be shy of these services I do feel that within the life-cycle of the next release of the traditional vendor products we will observe these services taking a chunk out of their markets.  Why should I wait 9 months for a collaborative solution to be deployed when I can get the service in 9 hours.  This for people who like me work in IT is the challenge!  So do people really get the new technology?  Well it is coming.  Look at this interesting slide showing that wiki has overtaken excel in searches on google!



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