Exciting Development from IBM

I had a great opportunity to talk with several people from IBM.  They demonstrated activities, dog ear, malibu, tagging, folksonomies, rss and more from IBM.  This is the first time I’ve seen and heard this message.  Why?  As I discussed with several people from IBM get a megaphone and start talking about this now.  The solutions these new tools open to the enterprise are very exciting.  It obviously isn’t vapour-ware as I saw it in action, ok some of it may not make it into the commercial product set but please open up some information into the public forum so that some excitement and forward thinking can be examined by people like myself who need to start thinking further than the next release.

Dog ear is IBM’s internal social bookmarking system but designed for the enterprise.

Malibu is a “surf board” on the desktop which allows activities, folksonomies etc to be linked in a context driven way.

Activities are very exciting and the integration of activities with sametime 7.5 and the hannover version of notes as well as its own web interface is very very cool.


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