Chat Transcripts in Lotus Notes

Some of you will be running Lotus Notes 7 clients but will use a release 6 mail template design.  You’ll run instant messaging in Notes and save chat transcripts.  You’ll see them in the all documents view but would like them in a view of their own.  You don’t need to wait for your environment to update the mail template to an R7 design.  Just do the following from your in-box:

Select Create – View from the menu
Change View Name = Chats
Ensure View Type = Shared
Click “Copy From” then selcect “All Documents”
Click “Formula Window”
Append the following & $IMChatTranscript = “1”
OK all dialog boxes

Hey presto there is not a view called chats for your reference.

Don’t worry when the R7 template comes along your users don’t have to do this as it is already done (much better than here!)

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