Irving Wladawsky-Berger Lecture

IMG_3755 My collegue Charlie attended this lecture in March by Irving Wladawsky-Berger.  We are both BCS members and it was through them that an invitation arrived.  I sadly couldn’t attend.  The slides from the presentation, sadly no audio or transcript, are now available here. 

There are some very interesting historical comparisons in the presentation showing the initial booms, then bust, then re-adjustment following all the major technology introductions since the industrial revolution.  Linking the recent dotcom crash with the previous crashes is interesting.  I don’t think that is the major crash though for the western economies.  I think the major crash for us is the re-alignment of work to lower cost employment (India, China, the horn of Africa when that stabalises).

The one slide I think summarises the direction today for all our technologies is slide 42.  Ivring says:


The nature of innovation is changing:

    • Open and Collaborative
    • Global and Diverse
    • Multi-disciplinary

 I think this is the key challenge for us all.  Fostering working relationships and breaking down the barriers between technologies so our IT engineers are no longer pigeon holed into their product.  I’m certainly looking forward to a new role in my organisation where I can spread my wings into many more products and technologies and become less focussed on the Lotus Collaborative products (don’t read that as a view that I think Lotus is declining, quite the opposite in my opinion – but that is another post).

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