Sametime 7.5 – Chat History

Sametime Chat History

I’m pleased to see in the official Sametime 7.5 Announcement that chat histories will be a generic part of the client.  It is great news and will provide reference and access to historic chats which is lacking in the present client.  I hope to see a calendar based view similar to those available in Trillian Pro in addition to the per user vew which is shown on the screenshot.  This and Hannover are the 2 products I’m really looking forward to beta testing in 2006.


  1. Looks very interesting, we’ll have to see where it gets stored and try to work around the protection and management of it. It’s definitely a step forward.

    On a slightly more interesting note. Does the screen shot actually make sense to you. I’m specifically talking about the conversation at the botton. The column with the conversation and the person talking seem to be misaligned?


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