Multi-protocol IM with Gaim

Gaim ClientWell I’ve discovered Gaim.  I first heard the name during a podcast when Libby interviewed Bruce.  I started searching for “game” and didn’t get very far only to be in a conversation today with a collegue about Trillian ….. one thing led to another and I bemoaned the heavy nature of the Trillian client and its unfriendly buddy list – well some may love it but I don’t.  But what I did do was download Gaim and start playing with it…….and absolutely superb.  A free, open source, multi platform, multi IM providor package …..out of the box it supports AIM, Gadu, Groupwise, IRC, Jabber, MSN, Napster, Silk, Yahoo, the SIP/SIMPLE protocol AND Sametime.

The gui is nice and easy to use.  The product is extensible with various plugins available including a nice history plugin for referencing all those chat sessions.  Well to date, and ok based on limited testing, I really like it.  Considering I’m using V2 Beta it is very stable.  Best 6 Meg download this year!!

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