Domino Applications – The Power – The legacy

One thing I see in Enterprise environments is the way the Domino or Notes application becomes pervasive.  “Hey thats cool, I could do with one of those for my team” is the general theme.  The application are simple to develop and deploy and are template based.  Obviously the better managed organisations will be ready for this and have a set of standard templates with a request, approval and deployment process – and also probably a seperate process for bespoke applications.

But what tends to happen afterwards in my experience is that the template is never updated.  The database eventually with newer versions of the server and client works great but starts to look like something out of a computing museum.  It isn’t long before users are saying “this is rubbish” – well actually it works fine but it looks rubbish.  However for the user the look and feel is actually important and enough moaning from enough people will eventually get the attention of someone up the chain!

This is one area where Domino administration and development teams can try and assist their customers by offering the upgrades to the latest designs – easy with standard templates – more expensive with bespoke templates.

I’m just working on a database now which when I think back to the days of views, folders and twisties is a million miles away.  Twisties replaced by bespoke graphics, views and folders replaced with graphically driven navigators which would not look out of place on the best websites.  Breadcrumbs in the database …… the power is there, the legacy however can be enough at times to tempt people away to alternatives that are better looking than that legacy.


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