Conditional Workflows for Productivity

I’ve been blogging recently on the CSC Technology Perspectives blog about contextual experiences and how they will begin to dominate how work is performed.  There is a difference in my mind between contextual experiences and logic based conditional experiences.  Contextual in my view uses some form of intelligence to predict what is needed and builds and experience.  Conditional uses factual logic based analysis to deliver experiences.  Both contextual and conditional are increasingly important; especially given the rise of things capable of driving conditional experiences.  Conditional experiences are absolutely available today for smart workers who are beginning their digital journey; but the power of both combined will be how individuals and enterprises will differentiate themselves.


To catch up on the previous Contextual Experiences blogs:

I will be re-posting this onto the CSC blog site but wanted to post it here so that the next few posts point into detail of how conditional experiences are creeping into the enterprise will make more sense.

I’ve moved blog provider from self-hosting to and I’d appreciate any comments or feedback if you have difficulties.

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