Strategy Papers

Photo is Anglezarke Reservoir, Chorley
Photo is Anglezarke Reservoir, Chorley. Taken earlier this week on an unusually calm morning and before riding up the hill you see in the distance.

I’m in the middle of writing a strategy paper for workplace technology which is proving to be an immensely rewarding, if time consuming experience. The initial audience is our own internal teams but I hope it will make it into the wild in a few months. I don’t want to blog about the content but more on the approach.

I’ve used a lot of research sources for the work including Google search, Twitter search and Gartner search.  The sensing work has generally focused on people – the community of people with the skills rather than the content (find the people, find the best content).


Filtering information has been the most time consuming element; there is just so much information out there.  I need to use more techniques to support this but right now I’m testing some new approaches and I’ll blog about whichever works out best.


The biggest challenge for me here isn’t writing – its carving our uninterrupted time from my daily schedule to write without interruption.  Time management is the biggest challenge to writing for me.

Now this us the interesting part, what I’ve found is I’ve extended my reach to internal experts, today this is an internal activity.  Those I’ve reached out to who are already active in their own social communities have been the most active in contributing.  You can see the future work styles in action!

It’s a wonderful if now a time pressured journey.  It reminds me that for this task, and an increasing number of tasks for knowledge workers in the future that personal knowledge management is key.  I’m beginning to put into practice knowledge learned via Harold Jarche‘s Personal Knowledge Mastery activity based distance learning course.


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