User Experience Fragmentation

Lets face it most of us have a fragmented user experience. The challenge is enabling some level of integration which we tend to do on a number of devices. On each device our personal and corporate experience has some boundary, not necessarily the boundary our enterprises think is the boundary but a defined boundary never the less. What we are doing today is solving the problem ourselves and as knowledge workers many of us will live closer to the edge than ever before in terms of pressing the boundaries. Very few enterprises are actively tackling the issue, most living in a state of reluctant awareness.

I heard an interesting sentence from Gartner today:

every person is becoming a technology company

This gives the good folk who read my diatribe an advantage; we are well positioned to take a degree of leadership as we ourselves are also the edge cases; we push the boundary so who better to help enterprise clients advance their IT strategies alongside the strategies of each of their employees.

I’m guessing that like technology companies themselves some employees will be excellent at selecting and defining their working practices with a combination of personal and enterprise IT. Others will be lousy and many mediocre. As I think aloud here its very much ourselves who have to drive the message that productivity depends now and more in the future upon the effective integration of personal and enterprise knowledge systems, data and applications.

How much value can the enterprise exploit from the personal knowledge stores of its people?
As its people become sourced for specific skills and those people share skills across clients how do we protect the enterprise?
How do we define appropriate boundaries, not impenetrable walls, between personal and enterprise knowledge.

As usual my posts are mainly to illicit a response so comments are more than welcome.

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