Workplace versus Workspace



For many who read this blog or stumble on this post the Workplace is a strange term.  Increasingly for many of us a surface available to us is where we work.  The Workplace is increasingly the best place to do what we need to do which could be solitude, remote collaboration, in-person collaboration.  I’m focusing deliberately on my work style here but its clear that as we go forward we need to think more about the areas in which we work.  I want to introduce a concept which is how I talk about the workplace.  I consider the workplace to be the location that work is done; office, facility, home, cafe, hotel, transport hub, train, plane etc..  Within many of those workplaces are workspaces.  Its the workspace that gives us the possibility to improve the performance of people and teams; but how often do we see a vanilla fit for an entire office.  This came up in conversation this morning with @grahamchastney and we are both mystified by this vanilla fit which we see in most enterprises.  We really need to consider the roles people perform and their needs in terms of solitide, in-person collaboration and remote collaboration in order to design spaces which provide for all their needs.

For true innovation its the home that gives us most freedom and the designs of work and there are a massive array of examples of workspace design available on lifehacker….enjoy and have a think about your workplace.




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