Supplement Your Own

Increasingly in my conversations with customers and internally with colleagues I’m talking about Supplement Your Own rather than Bring Your Own.  For some reason Bring Your Own resonates with replacement, and that isn’t what I observe in industry today – supplementing enterprise IT with personal technology is what we see today.  We all see a massive pull from senior executives and information workers to allow enterprise services to be accessed from personal devices, primarily the iPhone/iPad but increasingly Android based devices.  So I’m blogging here because the expression seems to resonate well – and this is my laying claim to the term 🙂

On a more serious note this is really about recognition that the new wave of disruptive touch screen devices are primarily consumption and triage devices.  Serious creation is still best reserved for large monitor(s) with a keyboard and mouse (or other specialist pointer), so even with a tablet like the one I’m using now with a keyboard, the creation use case is limited (e.g. I wouldn’t want to create a complex conceptual architecture diagram on a capacitive touch tablet yet it would be the best device to view such a diagram using pinch-zoom and scrolling to navigate such a diagram).

The other point to note, and I’d be happy to chat to colleagues or customer in more detail, is that BYO shouldn’t just be considered at the device level.  We consider all the layers above the device as potentials for BYO, or should I say SYO…..

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