Using the full power of presentations to win

Speaking PowerPoint Cover Image

I’ve recently finished reading Speaking PowerPoint by Bruce Gabrielle which I would recommend to anyone who needs to present information in order to reach a decision or build trust. The book is the first presentation book I’ve read that deals with the full range of presentation styles (reading decks, business decks, conference decks) and helps you understand how to formulate your arguments into a cohesive message that looks superb.

In a great easy to read format, spoiled only by the lack of colour, the book helps on how to build a story based on the evidence you have, how to present the story and then on the slides themselves includes excellent guidance and recommendations for using the correct style of title, the correct layout, the right amount of text, the appropriate use of colour and all of this without creating “powerpoint shock”.

The book incorporates many real world examples of how presentations and presentation slides could be improved. The book also reminds us why it is so important given that even back 2,300 years Aristotle recognized that decisions were made based on logic and emotion. This book certainly has helped me present information more logically and use the look and feel of a presentation to win the emotions too.

I’d recommend you purchase the book. If you do I’d recommend you print the colour images before reading.

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