Quiet year – whats in? Whats out?

It’s been anything but a quiet year, except here on the blog which has been too quiet. I’ve had lots I’d like to write and the time factor and means twitter is still my easiest update tool. So twitter is in (@sdownes1972).

Evernote is most definitely still in. All my research and analyst reports are there. Ok not all tagged but easily searchable. Excellent tool. Premium account is worth it.

New is the iPad which has resulted in using Instapaper. Absolutely superb for reading later. I generally use it as a staging post and if articles make the grade they get promoted to Evernote. Again excellent and recommended.

Now the iPad. The work device? Erm not for me, some work on it but not its primary use. The family device absolutely yes. Quick checking things, buying things (excellent eBay app, Amazon Windowshop, Debenhams, etc.).  Its also great for grab and instant browse and games are superb (my 5 year old is a wizz).  We have found we spend more online now – just need some good supermarket apps to do my online regular shopping.  Now don’t get me wrong I do use it for work and I can get all my corporate emails and access to a virtual desktop – however its primarily an information consumption device not a production device and I’ve not really had any travel where I haven’t had need for my tablet PC.  Rather than a corporate device its really a personal professional device which I use to keep up to date with information, read PDFs in a friendly form factor, read RSS feeds, keep up to date with twitter etc.  I do use it to scan emails, check my calendar etc. but don’t really use it as a mobile device.  Having said that I do like to take it with me……

The reason I take it with me is as a second monitor using MaxiVista which really helps on those evenings working in hotels etc.  You’ll notice from the picture I also have a mobile keyboard/mouse and laptop stand to allow me so save the old neck.

2011 I have no major plans for new tech, I will be using a mifi (my Christmas tech) to allow me to always have access to a personal mobile wifi unit which connects to the internet using my mobile data sim…just need more 3G coverage please 😉

2011 I expect to be productivity focused, my life is generally very hectic and without focus nothing gets done well.  I’m managing a to-do list less and a focus list more and forcing myself to try and avoid distractions…..well its a challenge especially as I actually want to spend quality time at home with the family and enjoying my hobbies as well as being successful professionally.

So here goes…..happy new year!

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