Healey Nab – thanks folks!


Healey Nab Promo Video from TartyBikes on Vimeo.

This year after about a year or more of not doing too much I got out a bit more and one night with @robblythe discovered a new set of trails round healey nab (about 20 minutes cycling from my door).  I’ve learned over at I Dig Healey Nab that much of the work was the brainchild of committed enthusiasts who secured funding, the pain of planners, and toiled for many a free time.  So thank you!!!  Your work has got me hooked again and for that I thank you all.  For friends reading this take a look at the video, this is one of the things which makes keeping fit fun, I’m not brave enough for the black run – the bits of the video before the scenes of them building the track.  I am a firm lover of the red route which is shown after the chaps building it.  So big thanks, spot on!

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